Josephine Becker (she/her)

writer, co-host of the YIKES podcast, activist and student currently doing a MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change, with a focus on environmental justice, futurism and system thinking. Her interest lies on reflexive epistemology, vertical/radical democracy using feminist-participatory reserach methods.

Over on her Instagram, she writes about intersectional climate justice,
nature connection, grassroots community change, anti-oppression and
general sustainability.


Content creating on IG: @Treesnpeace 
A blog dedicated to intersectional climate activism, justice and sustainability. This platform is dedicated as a resource and learning platform around environmental justice and regenerative just futures, that combines individual and system change and how that intersects. 
It documents my own journey in (un)learning, asks the big WHY questions, and reminds us that "it doesn't have to be this way"...


Co-host of the YIKES podcast 

A podcast dedicated to climate and social justice, refugee rights, anti-oppression and overall "allyship". Co-hosted with the wonderful Mikaela Loach, and edited by Finlay Mowat. We hope to create a space fore for the messiness of this world, break down big concepts and make them more accessible for us all to act on them.

MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change , at the Centre of Alternative Technology (Wales)
- System Thinking, Environmental Justice, Futurism, Transformation Theory

  • System-Thinking, Analysis and Mapping

  • Feminist and critical theory methodologies

  • Behaviour & Social Change Theory (U-Theory, Behaviour Change Wheel, COM-B..)

  • Assignments have included:

    • An ecofeminist & decolonial critique of Degrowth

    • Ecofeminism and radical democracy with La Via Campensina

    • Behaviour Change Wheel applied to Urban Greening,

    • Community self-determination and a Just British food system 



Permaculture Design Course, Certified by Permaculture Association (2019)

Founder and Head of Low Impact Living Uni Soc, University of Dundee

BSc in Environmental Science, University of Dundee (2019)
- Sustainability Theory, Physical and Human Geography, Urban Planning 

  •  Environmental Impact Assessment and GIS experienced

  • Ecology, Oceanography, Geology, Hydrology, Physics, 

  • Urban Development, Health and Social Wellbeing, Social- Political and Economic Geography 

More on this soon....