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For Companies:

- Sustainability Consultancy

- Product Review

- Futurism Practices

Creative projects:

- writing opportunities

(Nature Connection, Futurism, System Thinking/Change,

Feminism, Intersectional Climate Activism, Env. Justice)

- talks, panels, hosting of events opportunities

Anything else, just email...


Some guidelines:

  • Please state from the beginning if this is unpaid or paid work. I do limited amount of unpaid work.

  • Gifts are nice, but they don't pay my rent and I am material-minimalistic.

  • Be open to be challenged, I will ask a lot of questions about your ethics, practices and social justice commitments.

  • I will always recommend 2 other people for you to work with, to pass on the opportunities I am given. Please be open to work with them too :) 

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I will respond asap